In 1973, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr photographed the residents of June Street in Salford, documenting them in the front rooms of their homes, just months before their red-brick terraced houses were demolished.  Nearly 50 years later, one-and-a-half miles away, the modular terraces of Spring Lane /lrwell Riverside were completed, and the first residents moved in.

In a homage to the seminal June Street series, the residents of these new terrace homes were invited to be photographed.  Both sets of photographs were then exhibited as  ‘Lived-In Rooms’ in late 2019, on site, in an ex-show flat, as the part of Quarantine’s Tenancy Programme 

 From the June Street demolition to the Spring Lane development, work is a provocation on the changing nature of the street, the neighbourhood, the home and the city.

 Whilst both sets are a celebration of people and their humanness, they act as an opportunity to reflect on (almost) 50 years of entwined political, social and technological changes that has shaped the way we are.

For me, the June Street photographs are some of the most compelling and emotive of all of Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr’s work. They are beautiful photographs that  quietly celebrate the individuals they feature. They still have a deep power to move and affect people. Given that the June Street terraces were demolished shortly after those photographs were taken, I was drawn to the parallel of capturing the residents of Sandy Lane soon they had moved into their new terraces. Seen together they invite comparisons about the changes and the similarities across the 50 years and how the shifts in Décor, Home, Family, Community & Belonging, City Living, Housing and Housing Policy, Technology and Representation imbue the work.


Exhibition Credits:

Quarantine – Producers
Kate Daley – Co-Curator
Andrew Warstat – Writer
Jonathan Hitchen – Design

Natasha Howes – Manchester Art Gallery
Jenny Walker -Artist
Professor Sally Stone – Manchester School of Architecture
Daniel Meadows  & Martin Parr for permission of use.

Copyright © 1973 Daniel Meadows  & Martin Parr -June Street Photographs